An ecological surge protection device with ABB

ABB France – Automation Products Division, Pôle Foudre Soulé & Hélita – improves continuously its offer and knowledge with new type of Surge Protection Devices.

DELTA CONCEPT took part enlarging the range of Compact OVR PLUS surge arresters with integrated back-up protection (auto-protected), for protection of electrical equipments against lightning and transient overvoltage:

  • State of the art equipments: televisions, DLC, plasma, computers, Hifi …
  • Domestic appliances: washing machines, robots, coffee machine, ovens…
  • Electrical equipments: inverters, air conditioning, video, alarms, servers…




  • Integrated end of life protection, by bimetallic thermal sensor (patented): no need of additional circuit breaker of fuse.

Eco- Design & Recycling

  • Innovative internal design: helps to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Reduced environmental impact, by product life cycle management, according to ISO 14040.
  • Compliance with the RoHS rules (2002/96/CE): Lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, Polybromobiphényles (PBB) and Polybromodiphényléthers (PBDE) free.
  • Very low consumption <220µA
  • Compact and light (less plastic & metal)
  • No welding: less energy for assembly, less raw material used, more reliable
  • No dangerous material: can be destroyed by crushing

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